Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Natural Vitamin Supplements

Here are some facts that will stun you. It has been found that less than even 10% of all Americans have healthy eating habits. This means that the food intake of as much as 90% of all Americans is lacking in the necessary nutrition levels that are needed to lead a healthy life. Most people are dangerously low on their vitamin levels as well. No wonder then that both the online and offline stores are so stacked with vitamin supplements. But how do they perform? Are they any good? The fact is, most of these supplements are synthetic in nature and end up doing more harm than good. But most people will still need vitamin supplements to meet the deficiencies in their body. That is why they should opt for natural vitamin supplements.

Vitamin Supplements and Genital Warts

Surprisingly it has been observed that genital wart symptoms can be cured by using natural vitamin supplements. The fact is that, genital warts cannot be ever cured permanently, but the symptoms can be cured and its spread checked by using these supplements. Now how is this possible? Vitamin supplements, as the name suggests, supplement the vitamin deficiency in the human body. And when that happens, the natural immunity of the body is enhanced. Researchers are of the opinion that the virus that causes genital warts resurfaces only when the immunity has been broken by some attack. So when the immune system has been strengthened, the chances of an attack of genital warts also go down. And in this way, vitamin supplements are able to prevent genital warts.

What are Natural Vitamin Supplements?

Vitamins are carbon-comprised organic chemical compounds the body needs for growth, repair, metabolism and to maintain overall health. Vitamins actually work with minerals make up the various enzymes and hormones that create the blood cells, convert food into energy and do other important functions. Vitamins in the natural form are found in fruits and vegetables that have been grown organically. So when you are selecting a natural vitamin supplement, try to stay as close to them as possible – go for products that are using the least preservatives and artificial colors and flavors. Natural vitamin supplements should contain a natural blend of vitamins and nutrients from Brewer’s yeast, maize, liver, alfalfa, sprouted foods, spirulina, chlorella, and others like this.

Natural vitamin supplements can be costly but when you take into consideration the medical bills that you can avoid, then it makes a lot of sense.

Natural Vitamins Vs. Synthetic Vitamins

When you are selecting your natural vitamin supplements, be very careful. The fact is, there are many supplements that make tall claims, but never deliver. So verify before buying whether actually it falls under the ‘natural’ category or not. Many even want to pass their products off as ‘natural’ whereas they are not. Even they know that natural vitamin supplements are better.

Synthetic supplements have been conceived and made in laboratories to copy the molecular structure of natural vitamins. But the fact remains that the human body still cannot absorb these nutrients, though the synthetic supplements try to trick the body and make it accept. Synthetic vitamins are rejected by the body at the cellular level. Chemical additives like binders, fillers and preservatives have also been known to negatively affect the digestion process.

Humans are part of nature and thus our body structure has been naturally devised to accept natural ingredients, including natural vitamins and not something that has been made in laboratories.


Natural vitamin supplements are so much better than their synthetic varieties. Dietary imbalances that are so common among all of us today can only be supplemented by using natural products. They also heal many health problems such as genital warts.

Until next time, Good Health and Well-Being!

Dave Kettner


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