Saturday, May 13, 2006

Liquid Stabilized Oxygen Supplement

I have been meaning to post some new information, but these past few days have just been so busy! Needless to say, I am very excited that today is Friday and a hopefully relaxing weekend lies ahead.

Being so busy really got me thinking about how my body would have felt in the past had I not been taking supplements and vitamins. Most likely a week like I just had would have at minimally drained my body enough to catch some sort of cold or virus. This was very common especially my first few years of being a teacher. This then twice a year would lead into a sinus infection and put me in a state of misery of which I could not function without having to be put on an antibiotic. I used to think that it was just a natural twice a year occurrence that I could not do anything to prevent. Boy was I dead wrong!

Today I decided to introduce to you one of the products that has truly changed my life for the healthier by using Liquid Stabilized Oxygen Supplement daily into my diet. Of course we all know that we need oxygen to live, but many people do not know that often our bodies and organs do not get the necessary oxygen they need to stay healthy. Without a consistent and adequate supply of oxygen, we cannot utilize the nutrients our body requires for healthy cell metabolism.

Our bodies are on a daily basis experiencing what is called oxygen starvation from the following factors:

  • Emotional stresses caused by increases of adrenaline which forces our
    bodies to use available oxygen to metabolize chemicals and reestablish
    metabolic balance.
  • Lack of exercise which reduces the bodies ability to cleanse itself of toxins and reduces the capacity of the body to intake oxygen.
  • Pollution and toxins in the air we breathe and water we drink which
    increases the oxygen our bodies need to metabolize and eliminate lethal
    chemicals from the body.
  • Improper diets that are high in fat reduce the amount of oxygen in the blood stream.
  • Reduction in available atmospheric oxygen by as much as 50% over the
    past 200 years because of the elimination of green plants, tropical rain
    forests, growth, and pollution.
  • Physical trauma and infections causes the immune system to be oxygen deprived as bacteria and viruses but tremendous stress on our bodily systems.

But what can taking a liquid stabilized oxygen supplement do for you? Well, let’s take a look at what ailments this supplementation has helped actual people already.

Liquid Stabilized Oxygen Supplementation can:

  • Improve sinus problems, prevent and eliminate infections without the use of taking antibiotics.
  • Improve breathing for people who have respiratory problems.
  • Eliminate epileptic attacks from people with Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Slow or stop cancer growth as it will not grow in the presence of oxygen.
  • Kill infectious bacteria and eliminate chlorine from drinking water.
  • Reverse the effects of emphysema by breaking up bronchial infections and allow for oxygen absorption that the lungs were no longer capable of doing anymore.
  • Improve other respiratory problems.
  • Aids in digestion before food nutrition’s are lost by infectious bacteria in
    the body.
  • Has shown to clear up Candidiasis with daily supplementation.
  • Can aid in clearing up infections due to sore throats, ulcers, and kidney infections.
  • Reverse the effects of the common cold and increase recovery time.
  • Relieves breathing issues related to chronic asthma problems.

Click here to view some actual customer’s testimonials and how Liquid Stabilized Oxygen Supplements have helped them with their ailments.

For me personally, I have noticed feeling healthier with more energy, not getting sick as much as I used to, and all but eliminating my sinus problems that I used to have.

Please respond to this article as I look forward to your comments and how Liquid Stabilized Oxygen Supplementation has helped you.

Until next time, good health and well-being!


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