Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Ways to Boost Your Immune System

By Philip Culver

There are many ways by which you can boost your immune system function. Many people become more prone to infections and illness as they suffer from weak immune systems. Do you suffer from weak immune system? If yes than you should research on methods of boosting immune system function to help your body fights against the next burst of common colds or influenza in your area.

The easiest way to boost your immune system function is by eating healthy and balanced diet. Constantly eating fast foods or diet that contains little nutrient value can never be associated with boosting immune system function and result in weak immune system.

Balanced diet that is rich in Vitamin C and also those that have large amounts of Vitamin E are thought to work towards boosting immune system function. Experts believe this type of diet helps in boosting immune system performance. Anyone can include these vitamins in their diet as these vitamins are readily available in many vegetables and fruits. Garlic also helps in assisting immune system functions if you like the taste of garlic as it can be easily used in many dishes including soups, sauces and salads. Many people with weak immune system use garlic in their daily diet to supplement immune system.

Regular exercise also plays an important role in supplementing immune system as diet is not the only way to boost immune system performance. As it is said, healthy mind is the base for a healthy body. Exercising regularly helps to keep mind fresh and also fights depression. Hence, exercise also helps to maintain mental health in addition to boosting immune system.

Stress levels play a major role in boosting immune system functions. Many people dealing with problems like loss of job or death of close relative or business tensions are easily prone to cold, flu or an infection. Stressful life with less physical and mental rest results in compromise of their immune system. Even if you can t does anything to reduce stress then you must at least take extra vitamins and take a balanced diet.

One of the major factors for weak immune system is insufficient sleep and hectic schedule. Sleeping for eight hours for people who does mental work and six hours for people for those who do physical work is necessary for a good immune system. To sleep well is essential for a healthy lifestyle. A good night’s sleep helps in boosting immune system functioning. Yes, I can understand that it is difficult to get enough sleep each night in the today’s busy world where we have to work for long hours and also fulfill the demands of home and family. Lack of sleep results in becoming more susceptible to picking up illnesses and may lead to a run down feeling and a lack of energy and even depression in some people.

How to boost your immune system is in your hands. You will have to follow some simple rules and steps to overcome this problem. For a good immune system you need to consume a healthy diet, exercise regularly and try to reduce stress. To stay healthy care for your body and mind!!

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