Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Getting Rid of that Unwanted Holiday Weight

The holiday season is a special time of year that brings together family and friends for holiday celebrations of good cheer and lots of wonderful abundances of food and drinks. There are those ever delicious desserts of pies and cookies, body warming hot beverages like hot chocolate and spiced cider, and lavishing meals of ham and turkey along with all of the fixings. Of course we can’t forget those many times of shopping for those perfect holiday gifts and preparing for the house guests and parties that tend to send many of us to fast food options for a quick meal. With all of these things comes something that is very unwanted during the holidays; that unwanted holiday weight gain.

We all know that this happens, but every year we find ourselves having to make that dreaded New Year promise to eat healthy and go on a diet to shed some of those pounds. But is there a better way? Can we still enjoy the holidays and not have to worry about paying the price for several months in the New Year? Of course there is no magic pill, but there are things you can do over the holiday to prevent those unwanted pounds to pack on.

My first suggestion is even though the food is so delicious and you want to stuff yourself silly at times, try to not eat to excess. Spread out those delicious holiday dishes over time and spread out the pleasure. There is plenty to go around. Enjoy those desserts; just don’t eat so many of them!

Secondly, drink lots of water. I would suggest drinking at least 6 -8 servings of water daily. You may need to run to the bathroom often, but you will find that you will be less hungry and not eating as often. Plus the water will help to flush excess waste from some of those fatty meals causing less bloating and clogging of those pipes (that would be the colon for those still a little groggy).

Another great idea is to stay active during this typical relaxing time of year. Take walks after your meals and you will be amazed how much better you feel after. If it is too cold, go to an indoor mall and walk around a few times. Better yet, either join a gym to use the elliptical machine or purchase one for your home to use on your own time. These machines are great! Whatever you can do actively, just do it instead of simply crashing on the couch which slows down your metabolism send that food to unwanted areas as fat.

There are many other ideas and techniques you can do to prevent your waist size from increasing. The best idea though is to just be aware and not fall into the overeating and non-active lifestyle during this holiday season. Even still, I still would highly suggest doing a colon cleansing program in the New Year especially if you have never done one before. Doing this will help you lose typically 5 -20 pounds of excess waste from your colon and making you feel great! Happy holidays!

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