Friday, December 15, 2006

Colon Cleanse

When you have unwanted toxins in your colon, you may need to have a colon cleanse to feel better and live healthier. Many people seem to dread the day that they hear they need to have a colon cleanse for their body. A homemade colon cleanse might seem like the ideal way to regain power over your health, particularly if you have been experiencing the after-effects of a poor diet, insufficient exercise and the general stresses and strains of our every day modern life.

You can also rid your body of the aches and pains that you may have when you have a good colon cleanse. A colon cleanse treatment is the best way to rid your body of harmful chemicals and get a sound and healthy body. If your digestive system is not working properly, you may want consider a colon cleanse that will make your body feel better.

If you want to try colon cleanse at home, you can purchase a colon irrigation kit. When you are looking for the right herbal colon cleanse, you may want to ask the advice of a professional before you start. If you have been suffering from bad breath, headache, nausea, stomach pain, insomnia, irritation, depression, lethargy, backache or loss of appetite without any visible causes, then probably you should consult a colon cleanse therapist who can advise you on the various colon cleanse methods.

If you say yes to any of the following, you should cleanse your colon. A number of herbs and vitamins are available in the market for colon cleanse. When you do go to have a colon cleanse you will see that it is a disgusting job that needs to done so that you are able to live a more natural life without much pain.

The herbal colon cleanse will cause you to pass rubbery dark material with the consistency of tire tread, while the oxygen based natural colon cleanse will give you liquid or soft stools. Colon Cleansing The Natural Way To cleanse your colon naturally, you will need to begin a cleansing diet, including some natural herbs. Always verify anything you read on making a home remedy colon cleanse with another source, and check with your doctor or alternative health practitioner if in any doubt.

Having germanium in your colon cleanse can help lower blood pressure, improve artery health, and lower cholesterol. A colon cleanse works to soften and remove this material. There are many natural herbal colon cleanses that will help this situation.

Probiotics are also important in the colon cleansing process and will help produce the good bacteria in your intestines that are needed to fight illness and disease in the body. A lesser known method, oxygen based colon cleansing, is also taken orally, but does not work on the same principle as the fiber and herb method. What actually happens is the body absorbs the toxins in the colon and poisons the body.

When your body is forced to “store” rotting food much of the toxins put off by the food will be reabsorbed into the blood stream through the colon walls. I mentioned this to my therapist and she believed it was my body telling me that it didn’t want the meat because it was harmful. After the second session I developed a small reddish rash on my stomach and mentioned this to my therapist.

Other Colon Cleansing Techniques - There are several other ways to clean your colon of toxic build up including colon hydrotherapy, which must be performed by a professional for safety reasons. The average person stores five to twenty five pounds of waste in their colon over the years.


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