Saturday, November 25, 2006

Stretch Marks: Common Causes

What are stretch marks? Stretch marks are the nasty lines of stretched tissues that appear on the upper thighs or the stomach right after pregnancy. Stretch marks also appear after a person has relatively gained or increased weight abruptly. During weight increase and height growth, the production of collagen by our body is aborted. Collagen is our skin's natural protein that gives our skin its natural texture. Once there is an imbalance in the necessary amount of collagen in our skin, it begins to wrinkle and fold at certain areas. Our skin begins to resemble long and think cat-like dry and gray scratches across our stomach and over our thighs, and thus begins the occurrence of the perennial problem and nightmare of women: stretch marks!

Pregnancy is not the only cause of stretch marks in women. Although less in probability, stretch marks can also appear in men. People who are obese are also prone to stretch marks. As dry skin can mean a less-supple or expandable skin, when there is an increase in weight and height, stretch marks are also more likely to occur in people with this type of skin.

Although stretch marks can diminish over time, most people tend to be pro-active about stretch marks. Recent products are out in the market. These medical products help remove stretch marks from visible areas in your body. Albeit extremely expensive, topical creams, ointments and medical operations are also provided by cosmetologists and dermatologists for the removal of stretch marks. It is advisable though that since the human body has its own process and its own natural time frame, either you best leave stretch marks alone rather than risk costly medical operations that do not guarantee much for most women, or you prevent stretch marks from happening at all.

How do you prevent stretch marks? Certain foods contain properties that either dry up the skin or fats that accumulate fast in certain areas of the body. Certain foods that induce the fast production of stretch marks must also be avoided. Foods to avoid include chocolate and chocolate drinks, coffee, tea and soda as these contain skin-drying properties and caffeine. Fruits, vegetables, proteins such as white meat, fish, yogurt, milk, peanuts and fibrous foods help prevent stretch marks. Enough sleep, hydration or adequate intake of water and liquid also reduce the chances of getting those highly undesirable stretch marks.

Until Next Time, Good Health and Well-Being!

Dave Kettner
All Holistic Health


At 9:43 PM, Blogger john said...

are common problem in women. During their pregnancy it appears, If any women takes healthy food, drink a lot of water will prevent stretch marks.


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