Monday, November 06, 2006

The Underlying Causes of Acne

Acne has increased alarmingly over the last five years. Sales of acne treatments in the United States increased 10.1% in 2005.

This figure represents the strongest growth rate since 2001. It is safe to say that acne is running rampant with no let up in sight.

Acne is caught up in a cycle of destruction that involves our environment, our food and our bodies.

We have technologically hoisted ourselves upon the high and lonely position of being able to orchestrate our own self-destruction.

Director-General James Leape of the conservation group WWF has unequivocally warned, "For more than 20 years we have exceeded the ability of the earth to support a consumptive lifestyle that is unsustainable and we cannot afford to continue down this path."

Leape continued, "If everyone around the world lived as those in America, we would need five planets to support us."

Mother Earth is now like an old engine, sputtering, coughing and she is about to come to a full stop. We have poisoned and raped her. She has reached the point where she almost has nothing left to give.

WWF-Australia Chief Executive Officer Greg Bourne chimed in, "People are turning resources into waste faster than nature can turn waste back into resources."

We have poisoned our drinking water with over 700 chemicals. We intentionally add over 3,000 chemicals to the food we eat.

Pesticides and soil enriching chemicals permeate the food we grow. It is apparent that we are orchestrating our very own demise. Mother Earth sits back and gives as good as she gets.

Your liver is a marvelous filter. It is impossible for us to create a machine that does the work that the liver does.

It eliminates, flushes, cleans, stores, synthesizes, neutralizes, produces and converts to keep your body going.

The liver is the gatekeeper for the internal organs. There are numerous toxins and pollutants that the liver deals with on a daily basis.

These are but a few. Cigarette smoke, household chemicals, exhaust fumes, radiation, and the chemicals dumped into our food and into our water.

Your liver is a key fighter in the battle with acne. The constant bombardment from outside toxins and pollutants ensures that your liver is kept extremely busy.

When we add to the mix the toxins in the food we eat, the liver now comes under direct attack. Working overtime, and under stress, the liver now needs help filtering and eliminating.

The largest organ in the body comes to the rescue...but it’s at a price! The skin chips in helping with elimination.

Soon, the skin becomes overwhelmed and its pores begin to clog and get blocked. That's when acne makes its dreaded appearance.
Acne will always be an indicator of an internal body under stress.

We must stop this madness! If we destroy Mother Earth, where will we live? If we destroy our bodies, where will we live?

Until Next Time, Good Health and Well-Being!

Dave Kettner
Antioxidant Supplements


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